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ClaimAssist, LLC

ClaimAssist services volume based referrals from healthcare providers coast to coast, and has consistently grown through proven performance and expansion of existing client relationships.

Our approach has been highly strategic; ClaimAssist has effectively combined a proprietary automated system application with seasoned staff recruited directly from the insurance industry (i.e. experienced adjusters, processors and managers) who possess the requisite knowledge, experience, and skills to maximize overall recoveries from MVA, WC, and GL referrals. Our adjusters have “sat on the other side of the table” and know the typical stalls and objections that some payers present to delay and/or minimize reimbursement.

Our staffing model and proprietary efficiencies have consistently proven to maximize overall recoveries. ClaimAssist routinely improves recoveries by 30 – 50% over the existing benchmark. Furthermore, our client’s enjoy significant operational efficiencies by outsourcing a portion of their portfolio that requires more specialized resources than exists in-house – and re-focusing their in-house staff on areas that produce the greatest ROI.

ClaimAssist has distinguished itself as a leader in recovering Revenue Cycle Funds because it requires expertise from multiple areas within the Insurance industry to produce the additional 30 - 50% that we bring back to your books.

ClaimAssist’s ability to negotiate from a position of strength can mean the difference between nominal liquidation and optimum recovery.

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