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CCS Commercial, LLC

CCS Commercial specializes in the recovery of large / complex contracts as well as tort-based obligations.

CCS’ collection system has been developed to automatically apply a proven collection strategy (a set of pre-determined actions) to each case referral. Actions include: automated skiptracing, appropriate notice generation, telephone contact, supervisor and/or analyst review. This will assure the proper timing, utilization, and consistency of all written / verbal communications and decisions regarding resolution of the delinquent obligation. Recovery processes are accelerated on those files that are in jeopardy of statute expiration.

To properly service high balance obligations, CCS dedicates senior collection representatives to individually manage accounts from initial referral through the legal forwarding process (if required). As a supplement to our manual queue-based dialing efforts, when applicable, accounts are directed to our automated dialing platform to assure comprehensive follow-up throughout the collection life cycle. Extensive dispute resolution training allows our representatives to fluently service complex situations in terms that can be easily understood and well communicated. Knowing the difference between a legitimate dispute versus a stall tactic is a matter of training, and acquired experience.

Attorney placement and litigation management is handled throughout the legal life cycle. Our dedicated legal staff takes responsibility for the selection, retention, and oversight of attorneys who have achieved favorable results and have proven effective in the handling of similar cases. Clients can monitor each account in the forwarding process via disposition code on their detailed status reports.

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